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Colors Entertainment is an entertainment provider with over 20 year experience in television, live stage, record industry and corporate entertainment.

We provide creative, technical and logistical solutions for events.



With an established reputation in the provision of talent for television, film, stage, musical theatre, live performance, recording and production, the Colors Agency is an important part of our business. We believe that choosing the right people is an integral part of the creative process and will often determine the ease &/or success of an event. With this in mind, we ensure that our people are the best in their field, so you wont have to worry.

Our talent roster includes singers, dancers, actors, models, live bands, children, specialty artists and hosts. We also represent creative personnel, choreographers (various genres), stage directors, musical directors and music producers.



…Working for you and with you to create tailor made solutions.

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TEL : 03 9696 0138