CUA40513 Certificate IV
in Musical Theatre

This nationally recognised qualification is delivered in partnership with Perform Australia (RTO 40859)

Mon-Wed from 3.30pm-8:00pm
and 9:00am-6:00pm Saturday

Ideal for the intermediate level singer, this is a one-year development course offering foundation training in the three core disciplines of Singing, Acting and Dance. Students are afforded the unique opportunity to participate in a programme that specifically consolidates technique and performance skills. 
APO is pleased to partner with Perform Australia (RTO#40859) to deliver the CUA40513 Certificate IV in Musical Theatre. Perform Australia is a registered training organisation based in ACT. Students wishing to study this accredited course will enrol with Perform Australia and work with APO Arts Academy to achieve their qualification in Melbourne.
This nationally recognised qualification is accredited under the Australian vocational education system.


The material covered in the course draws on the experience and knowledge of qualified tutors and lecturers, various high-profile guest lecturers and other industry professionals in Musical Theatre and the wider entertainment community. Many graduates of the CUA40513 Certificate IV in Musical Theatre course go onto audition for the CUA50213 Diploma of Musical Theatre course, as a means of furthering their training and professional development. Upon completion of the course, students will have:
  1. Studied, rehearsed and performed a variety of Theatre and Musical repertoire;
  2. Acquired and developed intermediate skills in the three core disciplines as well as Music Theory and Keyboard; and other allied studies;
  3. Acquired the skills necessary to further their artistic studies.


Information outlining the procedures and requirements for entrance into this course can be found on the AUDITIONS page of this website.



  • Individual Singing Tuition
  • Ensemble Vocals
  • Vocal Repertoire (Male & Female)
  • Practice in Performance
  • Performances & Showcases


  • Acting
  • Improvisation
  • Voice
  • Screen Acting
  • Accent & Dialect


  • Classical Ballet
  • Jazz Dance
  • Tap Dance
  • Song & Dance
  • Core Dynamics
  • Stretch & Turns
  • Hip-hop Dance
  • Dance Performance
Individual dance programs are designed to cater for beginner to advanced level.


  • Music Theory
  • Keyboard Skills
  • Industry Knowledge/Masterclasses
  • Stagecraft
  • Work Health & Safety Processes
  • Manage A Project
  • Promote Own Artistic Work
  • Audition Preparations
  • Diet & Nutrition


CUA40513    Certificate IV in Musical Theatre
CUAACT402    Develop acting techniques for musical theatre
CUADAN412    Develop dance techniques for musical theatre
CUAPRF304    Develop audition techniques
CUAPRF408    Perform solo in a musical theatre context
CUAPRF409    Perform in a musical theatre ensemble
CUAVOS401    Develop singing techniques for musical theatre
CUAVOS403    Develop vocal techniques for musical theatre
CURPPR404    Develop self as an artist


CUAACT401    Use a range of acting techniques in performance
CUAMPF407    Develop vocal techniques
CUADAN403    Develop expertise in jazz dance technique
CUADAN410    Develop expertise in tap dance technique
CUADAN408    Develop expertise in ballet technique
CUAWHS403    Incorporate anatomy and nutrition principles into skill development
CUAMUP501    Apply theatrical make-up and hairstyles